Monday, May 2, 2011

A day at the "Stealership"

So prior to the Revenge Run 2011 I had to run by the harley dealership.....aka the stealership.
4 quarts 50w
1 drop in oil filter
1 starter solenoid for an FXR
122.00 ....Really???
Well regardless of that if you need some great parts guys who know old bikes meet Carl :
also Chris is very helpful but he was at lunch.

I have one complaint
DUDE IT'S A ****ING TV SHOW!!! Your not in a "biker gang" cause ya ride around with a SOA rocker. Geez what's next??!!


  1. I was on a poker run and at the first stop a pack of riders passed all wearing Sons of Anarchy patches on their vest with Maryland as the rocker. whats next????

  2. I have actually seen online a "club" that clams the SOA name and claims to be the orginal... but they are also using the tv show's logo.

  3. These shirts as well as the patch sets are all bootleg items. FX Network and Sutter Ink doesn't sell anything with a 3 piece logo like this or any patches at all.