Thursday, March 29, 2012

I made it to France...Hopefully one day I really will make it!

Merci beaucoup! Mon fran├žais n'est pas terrible. J'adore votre blog et heureux d'obtenir les autocollants! Translation: (Thank you very much! My french is terrible. I love your blog and I am excited to get the strickers!)
I paid attention in school a little bit. I have made land in France. Excited to see where Michel is going to post my stickers! Check out his blog here...some is in English. Some amazing bikes on this blog.

Earl Scruggs RIP!

Thanks to my daddy for bring me up to appreciate all music. This is true talent!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

What happened to good music?

This morning on the radio they were playing AC/DC songs. What ever happened to good music?
Have a great week!!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Help Give Some Encouragement!

I got a nephew going through Marine Corps bootcamp right now. IF you'd like to give him some encouragement I know he would appreciate it. He is doing really well and last I heard he got an extra phone call because he got a 100 on one of his test. Just tell him you know him through me. His address at Parris Island is:
RCT. Huot Paul
1 RTBN PLT 1025 CO B
PO BOX 16135
Parris Island, SC 29905-6135
Here is a pic a few years back at Camp Lejuene before we got kicked off the tank.
Thanks!! I know he will appreciate any letters. Letters only anything else won't get to him.

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!!

I just won this badass buckle from a fellow blogger. You can follow his blog here:

Frankenstein's Custom Beer Holder/Koozie

Frankenstein sent me some pictures of his custom beer/holder koozie. While your working on the bike or riding down the road it will hold and keep your beers cold. I wonder if they consider that an open container on the motorcycle? Thanks for adding the pootergirl bling! We might be able to keep you  busy with orders for 'em.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Bob and Pootergirl!

So I am a huge fan of Bob and the Showgram (you da man Bob!) He rides and does alot to raise money for the pediatric brain tumour foundation. Here is a picture after he shaved his beard with my sticker. I have been emailing him trying to get stickers to him but no such luck. I wanted to get him the new stickers but the other will do. A special thanks to Gus and Kevin they made this happen!!!!
Bob and pootergirl!

Daytona Trip!

Daytona was an amazing time with really good friends!

I  found Mike and Todd at the Abate swap meet. They rode their bikes from NC to FL for the festivities.
It was great seeing you guys again and I hope you got home safe and sound. 

Also behind us was our boy Jason from the DS crew he was scouting out greasy motorcycle parts.

This crazy coot was from Amsterdam and he said his hair was real....I dunno about that lol

Very Clean Sturgis edition shovel from Quebec.

The stalker behind me with the back pack, yeah that's his bike.

The Ice Cream Man from hell

Eclipse and I in the rain again

Stella, me, and WFG Debbie

I am glad we were in a cage after the monsoon we rode through the following day.

Chip and I--He later got caught in the rain in that kilt. I hope it wasn't stingin rain.

Boneyard cycles. Scored some decent parts off this guy.

Even the pilots wanted some pootergirl stickers. Stand up fellows. Safe flying guys!

I got a free shirt in the deal!

I hate motorcycles. Brett sprung a leak and was one big cloud of smoke. He and Og Ken got it put back together again and on to the Eutis swap meet we went.

That kicker sure is shiney.

OG Seedy and I getting ready for take off.

Brett's Pan

The best seafood ever!

All the bikes tucked in for the night

OG Kevin and I goofing off while Ken and Brett work on the bike. It was a really nice place to break down.

WFG Debbie's birthday.

OG Edwin(FL chapter), OG Kevin, OG Ken, OG Brett (NC) Wishing Gator was here!

Me with our hosts at breakfast. You couldn't ask for two nicer people. We had a fantastic time and thank you guys so much for everything!!

OG Ken Look Mama no hands.

The people in the airport thought we were nutty....well yeah they were right lol

This was pre-monsoon!!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Eutis swap meet!

The swap meet was a fantastic time! I got to meet some really cool people and see some amazing bikes. The ride home should have been about 30 minutes, it took about an hour an a half in a monsoon. Still a great time, everyone made it home safe and an adventure to talk about in the future. Pictures to come!!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Batteries Plus Commercial

An advertising firm noticed my video on youtube of me trying to kickstart Brett's Panhead. They approached me and asked if they could use it in a commercial . I was stoked! A big thanks goes out to Brett, I never would have had the opportunity if he didn't let me try to kick it over. Funny thing is the commercial is selling motorcycle batteries.....there is a magneto on the bike LMAO. Anyhow motorcycle humor. Have a fantastic day!

Monday, March 5, 2012

I love suprises!

Chris hooked me up with my new stickers as well as a surprise! He made me some ridiculous banners.Way more than I ever expected. Chris I can't thank you enough for the awesome job.

Stickers are finally in!

What do you mean you won't rock a pootergirl sticker?

The youngest pootergirl supporter!