Tuesday, October 18, 2011


This day is a somewhat bitter sweet day for me. Three years ago today Kevin and I were involved in a motorcycle accident and it forever changed both of us. Sometimes no matter how alert you are you will never see it coming. Be safe out there and remember it's not if it's when......I am so thankful that I still have you by my side I thought I lost you forever when that van dragged me down the road.


  1. Congrats to you both for staying strong and seeing each other thru. you are correct, it's not if but when, i still wince when vw bugs get in my lane.

  2. It seems we both got hit around the same time. A month ago was my 3 year anniversary of getting broadsided by a delivery truck. It took em 20 years to get me, but they finally did. Like you said, not if, but when. Glad we all made it through! ;-)

  3. Our wreck was Kevin and I 2 up. Lady in a van 3 kids 10pm, lost and on the cell phone. Riding beside us and BAM hard left turn into us. Kev is pinned between the bike and the van by his right foot and I am thrown from the bike. I hit the side of the van and my coat is hooked to the bumper. She dragged me down the road until our friend stops her because "she didn't know she hit someone" The topper....all our leathers were stolen at the hospital. But Alive and making it and thankful for everyday :-)I am so glad you guys are well also! Thanks for the comments send me your address and I will send you out some stickers. pooterputt@gmail.com