Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Showclass Issue #4 Party

The release party in Florida was a  great time. I got to spend time with my dad and also meet up with old friends and meet new ones as well. The drive was extremely long but worth it in the end.
Coral Castle

I wanna make this!

Benji's Shop Friday Night

My dad's neighbor....guess he likes horses

Billy--The man behind the lens

The DS crew discussing the trip down

Micheal--Rocking the Pootergirl sticker!!

Benji in stealth mode--Pootergirl is everywhere!

Sam- Awesome to see a chick skating

I loved this bike!

~My dad and I~

South of the Border on the way back!

Never been so happy to see welcome to NC sign!
So the trip was great! Really awesome people and too many people to mention. Thanks for all the support. If anyone needs stickers shoot me an email  Have a fantastic day and hopefully this weekend will be great riding weather! Be safe!

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