Thursday, April 12, 2012

I have some fantastic blog followers!

I know blog posts have been slow. Here is a run down of what's been going on. I have alot of people to tell thank you. Michel sent me this rad picture and hos blog stickers for sending him some of my stickers. All the way from France! I have people in the US that I am still waiting on stickers from. HA! Check his blog out below.
I also won this cool buckle that JT made. It fits like a glove like it was made for me! Maybe if you see me out in public you will see me with this on! Amazing job once again JT!!
Then to top it all off Rob sends me these amazing shirts! I was completely shocked! I am thinking about placing an order but I need to know how many people are seriously interested in rocking me on the front of their shirt. (these aren't free fellas) email me your size and how many you would like..... I will get a price together and hopefully we can make it happen.
I am still shocked at how cool these look!!! You freaking Rock ROB!

Also how could I forget my brothers (and sister) from another mother. The one and only BSM!
Thanks for looking out for me! Tam I hope I can be as cool as you one day!

Then the coolest pootergirl follower (but I am partial to her) My niece. Chloe had to dress up her bike with some of my stickers. She was so excited to be able to put the stickers on her bike. This is truly an honor when you are looked up to by a kid. Well she is shorter than me...
So Michel, JT, Rob, BSM and Chloe: Thank you all so very much because without you I wouldn't be here! Thanks for following me and passing on the word! You guys are awesome!!


  1. Glad to see you post. I thought you fell off the earth or something..I didn't know if the mothership had picked you up or gator

  2. Glad you are digging it, thanks for the shout out!