Saturday, August 20, 2011

Clutch Cable Replacement

So here we go...again. Thursday went to the HD dealer in Durham since they had my clutch cable in stock. Got there and asked the kid "You sure this is correct it looks too short?" He answers  "Yah it's right" This morning get the bike in the shop, the radio going, coffee in hand, and start tearing the bike down.
Disassembly started
Pull the primary off, broken cable out and NO FREAKIN WAY!!! Dial the HD in Durham and after complaining about how I told them it didn't look correct they tell me they found the correct cable. So yet another drive to Durham. Approx: 50 miles round trip cause someone was slack...myself. I knew I should have measured things cause more than likely you will get the incorrect parts if you aren't following up on them. Parts get mislabeled blah blah blah. Anyhow with the correct cable in hand. I can get things reassembled.
New cable attached
Primary cover back on and ready to adjust the clutch. Notice the new grips I placed while on the phone with the HD dealership.

We use all the space we have!
So frustrating day: Motto for the day measure twice cut once. Always trust your gut.


  1. Learned that lesson well myself. I never trust the kid at the counter!

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  3. atta girl.....are those Biltwell grips???