Friday, August 19, 2011

Tuesday's Ice Cream Run

This week was a very long one. Tuesday I got home told Kevin I wanted to go for a ride and get some ice cream. 100 yards from the house my clutch cable snaps. I push the bike back to the house as Kevin pulls back in the driveway. He tells me he will start the car......I said Nah! I will ride with you on the rigid. I switched from wrapping my legs around him to resting them on the frame since he doesn't have any pegs and so he can shift since its a jokey shift. Ice cream was great! Ride was even better. Spending time with Kevin---priceless.
The camera distorted our faces

Black Sheep Misfits ROCK!

After riding I realized that the chain made the frame slippery and my boot suffered the wrath. Oh well battle scars! haha. It was worth it. Now to tear apart the sporty and get my clutch cable replaced. That design sucks.

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