Sunday, February 5, 2012

Frankenstein's B-day!

I had a fantastic time yesterday at the birthday party for Frankenstein.
Happy Birthday!! Too many more :)
I also got to me the famous Buzzard I had been hearing so much about. I added a lil bling to his hat.
Thanks for the invite!

Guns, BBQ and more guns!! It was a great time got to shoot some skeet, beer cans, and a wonderful roasted pig.I laughed with OD while drinking some apple pie. It was good to see Tim and his family from the DS crew.

This weekend was a busy one. I also had to help my niece per her request to get ready for her daddy daughter dance. I had to help do hair and makeup. Kids grow up so fast. I remember when she was so tiny she could sleep on my chest.

Chloe and I
William(my brother) and Chloe
I also dropped off some warning signs for Gator's shop. You never know what you might walk into!
Enjoy the superbowl. Drink plenty of beer have some laughs but make sure you can drag ass into work tomorrow!!!


  1. Who on earth is good looking man in that pic with you Pootergirl? He looks so very special...

  2. PS: I got the sign hung, like other things around

  3. He was so special I couldn't keep my eyes open!! Thanks Gator