Tuesday, February 7, 2012

New stickers!~

Damn! Theses are a must see. The pic doesn't do the stickers justice. I am not sure how many guys might ROCK the pink stickers! Chris blew it out of the water!! Dude I can't thank you enough and George it wouldn't have been possible without your awesome art work!


  1. JT: They are sick! The pic doesn't show the slight glittery shimmer they have. Its like going to the strip club without the scent of vanilla lol

  2. hi, i leave in france, can i have a stickers ? ihave somme of my blog... are you ok to have an "exchange".
    thank's for the interrest.
    michel aka cerise

  3. Shoot !!!! Look at all the fully pretty, cool, funny stuff I've been missing out on . . . sign me the hell up !!!! Grrrly . . . you rock !!!!

  4. Cerise---Sure thing email your address to pooterputt@gmail.com
    Psyco-THANKSSS!!!!! :-)

  5. These are SUPER cool. Anything with a Sporty motor makes me happy ;-)