Sunday, July 29, 2012

Hanging with the girls!

I had a great time this morning hanging with a few of the OG women. Mr. Ken helped me repair a wheel barrow tire so I could finish up my yard work. Snake was rotating his tires getting ready to ride to sturgis. Today was another back breaking busy day but when you look back at all the hard work it makes you feel good inside. Like I said earlier when it rains it pours. My washing machine broke this week so I was stressing about buying another one. My boss called me Friday and told me that he and his wife had talked about it and because I work so hard for them they were going to buy one for me. Wow! Hard work does pay off and people notice. I was completely speechless. So it gets delivered Thursday. Thanks to Debbie for letting me wash my clothes. The "kids" kept an eye on me while I was working in the yard. Keep Wolf(the white one) in your thoughts. My old guy isn't doing so well today so send some good thoughts his way. I hope everyone has a great week and thanks for reading my blog :-)

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