Thursday, September 22, 2011

"I am not a hero"

At just 21 years old Dakota Meyer thought he was going to die. He rescued/provided cover for 36 Marines and Navy Corpsmen. Last week he was awarded the highest honor by the president. He was awarded the Medal of Honor. Most men that recieve this medal die in the process. I wish I could personally thank him for his service and dedication to his fellow Marines and Navy Corpsmen.

You are a hero Dakota along with 1st Lt. Michael Johnson, a 25-year-old from Virginia Beach; Staff Sgt. Aaron Kenefick, 30, of Roswell, Ga.; Corpsman James Layton, 22, of Riverbank, Calif.; and Edwin Wayne Johnson Jr., a 31-year-old Gunnery Sergeant from Columbus, Ga. A fifth man, Army Sgt. 1st Class Kenneth W. Westbrook, 41, of Shiprock, N.M., they gave the ultimate sacrafice for us.

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