Monday, September 26, 2011

Ray Days

This weeknd was Ray Days. A local HD dealership that has a festival downtown. I didn't get to really spend too much time at the event this year because I was babysitting for a friend. The OG crew had their bikes in the bikeshow. They all won trophies. Glad that someone sees their hardwork. Kevin wasn't able to put his bike in the bike show because he was helping out at the Marine Corps League booth selling raffle tickets for the 6.5 Grendal. These are just a few pictures of the weekend.
Gator's custom

Ken's Pan/Shovel 

Brett's custom

Dewayne's Panhead

Me and Jimmy
J & D Cycles
The go to guy for motorcycles

Too much time and too much money will make your bike look like this.....WOW Tacky
He just finished doing some stunts in the parking lot

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