Monday, November 21, 2011


This weekend was a great weekend. I had the pleasure of meeting Wayne Daniels, Randy and Wayne's Son. I actually got to take a ride in the POW/MIA Bucket. What a wonderful experience. What meant more than the ride was hearing Wayne's story on why this car is so special to him. He has sacrificed time money and energy to give back to all the service men and women that have sacrificed for us. Please visit his facebook page and see the great things he is doing to bring attention to the cause. He does this out of his own pocket and doesn't ask for anything in return. Next time you see the bucket drop a $20 to keep it rolling. It is for a cause much greater than you and I. Thanks Wayne keep it up! I admire your sacrifice.
The best part was the ride!

Heck YEA!! Pootergirl stickers show up in the strangest places!
Video of his leaving the driveway...Yea my phone sucks!

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  1. I am truely greatful for the comments. I really enjoyed talking to you and giving you a ride in the car. As you said above the car does mean a great deal to me and my family. Reference to the $20....well I want people to take the money and donate it to a great Military Charity, because thats what I'll do with it if it was given to me. Again Thank You so much. You and Kevin are 2 GREAT people.