Sunday, November 27, 2011

Squirrel Saturday!!

Saturday was a fun-filled day! Since my shock broke on Friday I had to get it repaired since the weekend was gonna be so nice. Wesley  gave me a set of stock shocks off his 77 sporty prior to the hardtail. Mounted the shocks and got a call that Brett was starting his 1958 Panhead. Ken, Neil, Kevin, Brett and Dwayne were working on the front end before getting it off the lift. The bike kicked right over without any adjustments.

 Pootergirl stickers are popping up everywhere. Ken and Brett put them on their Panheads and Brett also has them hanging in the shop. We also found this baby squirrel and she is the new shop squirrel. Debbie is looking to rehab it. Kevin also helped me remove the seals on my old shocks to transfer over to the set Wesley gave me. Hit up the local Waffle House cause the leftovers were getting old. They gave Kevin these pins to add to his collection. I hope everyone enjoyed the time with family and friends and found something to be thankful for this week. Hope the rest of the weekend is safe and the week as well. Have a great one!

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